and every word you shouldn't say
will come bubbling out of your throat.

random thoughts and feelings, as well as talking about things i've been listening to or watching :]
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the new half•alive album is really good and so is the new sŵnami album. also i'm going to see lovejoy tomorrow. life is cool even if i feel like shit :]



it's been a while! sorry for the radio silence on the blog front, even if no one actually reads it anyway. a lot has changed! i'm at uni now! also, hi to everyone coming over to my gif page that are now checking out the rest of my site. hope you stick around!
oh, by the way, re: the entry where i said i'd apply to mastermind... i did! this is kinda old news for me now, which shows how long it's been since i updated, but once i turned 18 i applied, and i actually got an audition!!! didn't get onto the actual show though :(



dear everyone coming here from hypnagogic archive: i am not part of the arg. i cannot stress this enough. please leave me alone if you're here for that.



hey what's up with y'all that are coming here from agora road lmao. i tried to find whatever forum thread linked to me and failed



going to see the new batman film in a couple hours :3 i'm here for robert pattinson and nothing else



shoutout (/s) to the web archive for saving o-circumflex as something completely different and breaking my wordle cymraeg page on the saved version :(



finally cleaned up the file system behind the scenes :P now there's actual folders for pages instead of all just being at the root directory!
on that note... if you find a broken link, please tell me :P



so i might be applying to mastermind (british quiz show) when i turn 18 :flushed: :3
you have to put five specialist subjects on the list and three of mine are minecraft related. a. (the other two are the oh hellos and twilight :P )



just updated literally every page on this site just to remove any outside dependencies (i was using a google font). worth it even if it did increase my site size by 600kb :P (shoutout to this website for being super useful for this!)



i am being. so neurodivergent /pos



currently listening to bastille's new album for the first time :] not as much of a banger as their other albums so far, but i like it!



looking at the file sizes for stuff in my gif dump is so cool bc it's all so small. i guess it's expected since a lot of it is 88x31, but like,, there's two in there (the genderqueer and trans flags) that are only just over 200 bytes, which feels insane to me :P and this entire website only takes up about 900kb atm!! granted that's partly because the art page images are hosted on imgur instead of being embedded (they're pretty big images) but still


minecraft sword cursor my beloved :]



i replaced the gif on the front page that's been there since i first made this site :O the new one brings me joy :]



apparently wordle got bought by nyt. :|| i hate corporations so goddamn much, they're probably gonna put it behind a paywall now. gonna see if i can find an alternative just in case



shoutout to the default word tts for pronouncing "centripetal" as "cen-tripe-tal"


desperately trying to revise for my mocks but my brain is just going "reeses puffs reeses puffs eat em up eat em up eat em up eat em up" on loop



i added a new page to track wordle! :] i've been playing it for the last couple weeks and really enjoying it, so i thought i might as well.
in other news: holy shit i'm deep in oh hellos brainrot atm. i reached 8k plays recently and i'm aiming for 9000 (which will be #1 on the chuu leaderboard) by the time i get to my first anniversary on lastfm, which is february 8th. it might not be possible, but i'm sure gonna try! :D



hnng school is kicking my ass. :(



online learning sucks so bad :| at least i got to have a lie-in, i guess. i watched prime minister's questions today and it was funnier than any comedy show :P boris is so goddamn incompetent and any questions not from the tories (and some from the tories!) were calling for him to resign. laugh or you'll cry, yknow?



sometimes i look at the amount of views of my site and i wonder who y'all are :O where'd you all come from?
oh also happy new year i guess :P



shoutout to the people that saved my site on the wayback machine btw /gen


well. it's almost 2022, i guess? idk, i realised 2019 was two (almost three) years ago yesterday and felt really weird. what's up with time?
anyway, i've almost finished a cosplay! specifically hcs8!bdubs, with the big red glasses and the moss jumper :] i bought a really nice green fleece hoodie and it fits so well, and the glasses arrived today! now all i need to do is finish making a lil cardboard clock :]



turns out it was a cache issue yesterday :| anyway, the font for all the titles and subheading lyrics is now basteleur!



if anyone knows why the rest of the site isn't actually listening to the stylesheet and applying the font, please tell me >:( it's a problem i've been having for ages actually, where i try to add stuff to the stylesheet and it just. doesn't actually affect anything. it's why the headers of all my pages are so clunky with the style bits lmao


i spent some time adding to the music explanation page today, and cleaning it up a bit to make it nicer to scroll :]
did y'all see the hermitcraft s8 finale????? holy shit!!!! honestly i thought moon big starting a new season was an insane theory, but i was right!! i wanna see scott smajor in hc now :O
in other news! it's almost christmas, i'm having my yearly breakdown (i say that as if i only have one per year), and i'm having an alright christmas holiday :P
i've been thinking of changing the title font on here, since i really like the font in the new lovejoy lyric video (it's called "basteleur"). maybe i'll do that now before i turn my computer off :P



it's been way too long!! this is the problem with not being able to update this on mobile :( i'm on my phone way more than my computer, so if i get an idea for a post it's never at a time where i can actually post it :|


guess who forgot to put a time lol

making a music section! honestly i need somewhere i can explain my playlists and it may as well be here


this week's been super busy so i haven't had time to check this site :( i have a lesson with a tutor in like half an hour bc i've missed a lot of school :|| gonna be fun /s
yesterday some stuff arrived, including a twilight dvd!! i'm hyperfixated on twilight atm (specifically the first film) and i bought the dvd because i wanted to see the special features, especially the commentary. it's a good commentary :]



mcc yesterday was super good :] it was so cool having the mcc9 blue bats back together again, they're one of my favourite teams ever and it's clear they really enjoyed the reunion!!!
also, this site's in two more webrings now! the antisocial art club, and the yesterweb ring. check them out on the front page :)



it was worth the wait <3




can you tell that i'm kinda bored waiting for grian's last life episode to come out? (posts will most likely not be this frequent most days, it's just that i set this up today so it's my new exciting toy :P )


finally actually got myself a button! it has the tardis and also "ATTITUDE" in giant flaming letters, mostly because those were two of the only relevant gifs i have downloaded atm that aren't buttons themselves :P it's over in the gif dump if you wanna add it to your site for whatever reason. i also decided to add more divs for this blog bc it looks nice, so now there's like four layers of container


the band chvrches has been my soundtrack for coding this website in the last couple days,
btw :] i've been listening to the bones of what you believe basically nonstop today
and yesterday bc it's just so damn good. their new album is good too but for me atm tbowyb is their best


watched tango's session 8 of last life about half an hour after it came out and. h. i am in emotional pain /lh that ending was SO GODDAMN SAD,,, the way he was watching the reds talk about him sadly, not able to reach out to them and say that he's there, like a one-way mirror. and then the darkness! eight minutes of darkness. his story was cut short, like an abandoned notebook, blank pages left untouched. man.
how is it that last life makes me so poetic? :P i did this when impulse died too,,